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Willow is Currently on Teaching and Journey Circle Sabbatical

She Continues offering in her Eugene office or via” Long Distance:” Individual Spirit Path Medicines~Shamanic Healing Sessions and Individual Instruction in Shamanic Journey Practices.

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 Currently on Sabbatical

Shamanic-Spirit Journey Circle

Shamanic-Spirit Journeying is a direct pathway of humility, reverence and blessing, guiding us into mystical non-ordinary realities which parallel our own.

Intentional Journeying teaches us to open the sacred portal within ourselves, discover spiritual guidance, gifts, and tasks, and return with this knowledge to create healing and harmony within ourselves and for our communities.

Each Circle provides acknowledgment/information/story about the Seasonal Celebration closest to each of our meetings. We use this seasonal honoring as a focus for our journeys of the evening.

Our Circles include personal journeying, group sharing, practices and teachings from various Shamanic and Mystical Traditions.

Shamanic Journey Circles are held approximately every six weeks, most often on the Thursday closest to the beginning of each season: a Solstice, Equinox or “Cross Quarter Day” (a day that falls half way between an Equinox or Solstice).

Journey Circles are for those who already have some experience with Shamanic-Spirit Journey Practices.

All Shamanic-Spirit Path Lineages Are Welcome!

If you would like to attend a Circle and do not have Intentional Journeying experience, please contact me to schedule a private instruction session.

To Read More About Spirit Path Medicines/ Shamanic Practices and my apprenticeship/experience Please go to the Spirit Path Medicines/Shamanic Practices Page of this Website

Upcoming Workshops

Willow is currently on a Teaching Sabbatical

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Awakening to the Ancestors

Shamanic Practices to Welcome Those Who Love Us

Various Spirit Path Traditions will guide us as we engage in the ancient practices of intentional Spirit Journey to foster connection with ancestors who love, support and will provide wise counsel to us.

These may include Ancestors of our Blood Lineage, Spiritual Lineage, Lineages of Vocation, Creativity, Ancestors of Land/Place and our own Ancestral Self.

Our Circle’s work will include Ancestral Healing for ourselves, for those we love and for the web of life which holds us all.

Work Shop Prerequisite

Shamanic Journey Experience and Comfortable Relationship with a Guardian Spirit Helper (Teacher, Guide, Power Animal)

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Willow Rose is a Transpersonal Licensed Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, specializing in Past/Between Lives Soul Regression and Shamanic~Spirit Path Practitioner. Her experience includes five decades of apprenticeship, education, and personal exploration with teachers of Eastern and Western Meditation, Spirituality, Mysticism and with Elders of Indigenous Wisdom Healing Traditions. She has also served as an Interfaith Chaplain in hospital/hospice, and is an Energetic Medicines Practitioner. Willow specializes in honoring our Human Embodiment, while embracing the healing of the Soul. Willow offers private sessions and leads seasonal Shamanic~Spirit Journey Circles and Workshops in Eugene, Oregon.

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