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Subtle Energy Medicines
“ We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies turned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.” — Albert Einstein

NASA~"Egg Nebula"

Broadly speaking, science describes energy as information that vibrates. In the writing of Aristotle, the word energy is derived from the Greek, “energeia”, meaning “being at work.” This vital force is the impetus behind all movement and activity and we often use the word as a measure of how we are feeling, such as “feeling full or lacking energy.”

Every thing is made of energy expressed as patterns, and this understanding is the cornerstone of energy medicine and healing. Some patterns we can see and experience through our five senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. Other patterns are too subtle for our senses to pick up…most humans can not physically see a thought, taste a feeling, smell intuition or touch the sky. Yet these subtle energies have enormous influence on the state of our health.

There is a Spectrum of layered Energy fields that simultaneously occupy different planes in the same spectrum of life. You might think of these layers as beginning with the most “dense” to the more “light.” From a scientific perspective, the three energy layers are name: Physical, Quantum and Subtle.

Physical Energy Fields (Also referred to as Newtonian) we can see or verify in specific ways: It’s electrical in nature, gives rise to gravity, has wavelengths and frequencies that can be measured in some diagnostic ways such as MRI, PET, laser eye surgery, cardiac pacemakers, radiation therapy.

Quantum Energy or mid range of the spectrum is still new to measurement, but research in that area suprisingly gave rise to the term “Subtle,” when it was discovered that observation, thought and intention can change outcome of quantum phenomena and what one is attempting to measure, describe or predict.

The term “Subtle,” is a misnomer as there is actually nothing subtle about this energy. It is expansive, reactive, powerful and creative. The “energy body” and “energies” referred to by different energetic therapies are actually expressions of this subtle energy spectrum.

“Subtle Energy,” is a term now used along with Energy Medicine to describe subtle or low intensity levels of energy which may not be measureable but still appear to cause a clear effect.

Subtle Energy work enhances the natural healing process of the body by treating the whole human energy field. It is used for many purposes: to treat and prevent illness, relieve pain, increase energy, restore optimism and hope, reduce stress and promote a sense of well being.

Ancient and Modern Practices that work with the Subtle Energy Fields include, prayer, Reiki, Therapeutic and Healing Touch, some Shamanic Healing Modalities, as well as practices that engage the physical body and also effect the subtle body as well. Some examples are Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Yoga, Acupuncture and many others.

These Subtle Energy Medicines often include light touch or hands-above-the-body and work with clearing and enhancing energy within the body as well as guiding and channeling additional beneficial energy into the recipient’s Energy System. As Subtle Energy is not contained by time or space, these practices may also be utilized to “send energy” to a distant recipient.

A number of principles underlie all systems of
Subtle Energy Medicines

Some of these Guidelines Are:

—The world and everything in it is interdependent.

—A person’s health and quality of life is affected by the health and quality of the energy system*

*The Energy System is the name given to the three parts that comprise it:
The Energy Field (Aura); Energy Centers (Chakras); Energy Tracts (Meridians).
The parts act interdependently and influence physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life.

—All life experiences both positive and negative are recorded and stored in the energy system.

—Healing takes place within the self and is influenced by the persons receiving and giving.

—The energy system is influenced by the environment, thoughts, emotions and actions of the self and others.

—Becoming centered* and grounded are the first steps in facilitating and healing.

When one is fully present, in touch with self, calm and open.

Energy MedicinesHaving studied and worked with Subtle Energy Medicines through much of my life, I now utilize an eclectic approach. Through energetic interface between client, and myself I am intuitively led to incorporate into the session, any number of Subtle Healing Modalities.

These may include:
Reiki, Healing Touch, Reiki Genesis and as called, Offerings from the Hawai’ian and Native American Traditions.

As a Spirit Path Medicines~Shamanic Practitioner, I may also weave some Shamanic Healing gifts and practices into the Subtle Energy Session. Each session is different and what is offered fully depends on client’s needs and intuitive guidance.

Subtle Energy Medicines are Particularly Helpful in The Following Areas:

Immune System Enhancement
Pre and Post Surgery/Illness Recovery
Life Threatening Illness Support
End of Life Care
Supports Emotional Release and Healing
Promotion of Health and Wellbeing
Releases Tension and Pain
Increases Mental Clarity and Release of Stagnant Thinking Patterns
Supports Spiritual Practices and Spiritual Connection
Promotes Creativity and “Life Purpose”
Guides Transitional Times and Existential Challenges
Supports the Empathic and Highly Sensitive Individual

Subtle Energy Medicines Continues to Complement Traditional and Alternative Health Care Practices. It Does Not Replace Them.

Preparing for Your Session


For minimum of 24 hours prior to your session, please do not use alcohol, recreational drugs or sacred medicines. Limit caffeine and sugar products. Depending upon appointment time, do eat a light nourishing meal 2-3 hours prior to our work.

It is helpful to clarify a healing intention for yourself as well as noting your awareness of the challenges that have blocked you in activating your intention.

What To Expect in a Session

First Session

We will spend about 15 minutes exploring your intentions for our work and other relevant information.

Bring a list noting history for accidents, surgeries, and significant illnesses.
Note current health/life issues.
Include traumatic experiences.

Advise in advance if you are currently in significant pain, and/if you experience hearing or seeing difficulties.

Please be “scent free,” and limit all jewelry.


Each Session

Clients relax on a massage table, fully clothed while my hands may lightly touch your body or work closer or bit farther away in the Energetic field around you.
I may use light touch, breath, vocal, drum, rattle or other instrumental sounds, to move and enhance the energy.

We will discuss in advance the use of light touch and I will not use if uncomfortable for you. This will always be your choice!

You may experience a variety of sensations, a change in body temperature or simply feel relaxed. Clients sometimes fall asleep during the session or, become energized and alert. Whatever your response is perfect!

I do save a few moments at end of the treatment to debrief, but find it most helpful to remain focused on nourishing self care and physical/energetic awareness rather than quickly moving into “thinking mind.” I may suggest some strategies or daily practices to encourage continued integration of the healing session.

Post Session:

If possible, please gift yourself with some free hours for self care. Some clients find themselves fatigued or a bit “wired,” or more symptomatic for a few days after our work. If you feel more energized, it is recommended you do only activities that represent your “normal,” so that the body learns to balance energy rather than use it up. Nourish yourself with fresh water, nutrient rich foods and sleep. Please refrain from Alcohol, drugs and minimize caffeine and sugar for at least 48 Hours post session.
Epsom salt baths are a helpful ally!
Do continue taking all prescribed medications.

A Reminder

During the session, your open receptivity and curiosity allows and encourages the healing changes that are of most benefit to be given and accepted and absorbed within you.

Post Session, your receptivity must become “action” to own and engage those changes so they continue to support the new balance and creative direction you wish for your life.

These shifts often begin as small steps, often still interlaced with old patterns and pathways.
Tease out, discern and honor the new stepping-stones. Look for even one small, nurturing change you can make, and then do it!

Energy that is not engaged does not grow!

Scheduling a Session

Questions? Phone or email to begin.


541 461-5424

This phone number accepts voicemail only. No texts. Email will often reach me more quickly.

All Sessions are Scheduled in Advance

At this time, Subtle Energy Medicines sessions are held only in my Eugene Office.

Initial and Extended Sessions are 1.5 Hours Long

Current Exchange: $150. (Sliding Scale: $130-$150).

Includes pre-session information gathering,
Subtle Energy Medicine Session and post-session debrief.

Follow Up Sessions:
1 Hour Long
Current Exchange: $125
Include Brief pre/post check in and Subtle Energy Medicine Work

If you are going through a challenging time or life transition, longer follow up Extended Sessions of 1.5 hours are often recommended. The extended time frame allows space for both the Subtle Medicines and exploration and guidance of supportive strategies.

Follow Up Sessions at 1.5 hours long:
Current Exchange: $150

For those clients who need even longer sessions, I charge a flat fee of $100 per hour when additional time is scheduled above and beyond the Extended or One Hour Follow Up Session.

These Extra Long Sessions provide the opportunity to engage in a number of various healing modalities and practices, as well as offers time for spiritual mentoring and coaching.

Please contact me to discuss this last offering.

Session Payment~Exchange

In Office Day of Appointment

I accept cash (exact amount please)
Personal Check made out to “Willow Rose”

If you prefer to pay using a credit card, please utilize the PayPal Button:

I Do Not Take Credit/Debit Cards in My Office.

Payment is expected before or by day of appointment.

If you must cancel a session, please cancel via email or voicemail (phone number accepts voicemail only. No texts.) a minimum of 24 hours prior to the start time of the session. As I am reserving the time specifically for you and so cannot utilize the time for another client, I do request you reimburse a minimum of 50% for the missed session. In case of emergency or inclement weather, I do not charge a late cancellation fee.

Willow Rose LPC CHT is a Licensed Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist (focusing on Spiritual Regression including Current Life, Past Life and Between Lives States) and specializing in honoring our Human Embodiment and the healing~evolution of our Human Soul. She is a Spirit Path Medicines~Shamanic Practitioner and is listed as a Provider on Sandra Ingerman’s Site: www.shamanicteachers.com

Willow holds degrees in Interdisciplinary Religious Studies, is an Ordained Minister in the Circle of the Sacred Earth and has worked as an Interfaith Chaplain in Hospital and Hospice settings. She “officially” began her study of Subtle Energy Medicines as a teenager in the early 1970’s, learning from Hawai’ian and Native American teachers. Willow began studying Reiki in 1989, becoming a “Reiki Master,” in the Usui tradition in 1998 and also in the Reiki Genesis tradition in 1999. Willow has studied Healing Touch through Level 4. She has provided Subtle Energy Medicines in venues as diverse as hospice, convalescent centers, chemotherapy facilities, free clinics and as an Interfaith Chaplain in ICU’s and ER’s.

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