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My Practice of Transpersonal Psychotherapies and Clinical Hypnotherapy has evolved over the past 20 years toward a specialization in the healing and evolution of our Human Soul.

I describe Soul as that spiritual aspect of our immortal Spirit that chooses to become embodied: entering our physical form at our first breath and departing at our final exhale. I believe only some portion of our Immortal Spirit (also called the High Self or Over Soul), is embodied; the remainder stays in the Spiritual/Mystical Realms where it continues with other work.

Lifetimes are precious opportunities affording us the possibility to learn, to grow, to be of service, expand compassion and at the end, to bring what we have gained back into our Immortal Self, which expands and continues its enhanced Journey toward Pure Awareness.

We have many guides and helpers along this Path. Our Immortal Spirit ~our Over Soul (amongst others) are compassionate resources that we can learn to communicate with.

We will not be told “what to do,” for Free Will is the guide; otherwise our opportunity to learn is taken from us.

But we can learn to listen for suggestions, information, promptings and potential directions. Most of all, we discover, there is no harsh Judge. Instead we are bathed in deep kindness and love by those very resources who support the challenges of our Embodied Journey.

With my lifelong interest and academic background in Inter-Disciplinary Religious Studies, work as an Ordained Minister and Interfaith Chaplin in Hospital/Hospice, and as a Spirit Path Medicines~ Shamanic Practitioner; I have worked with folks of diverse religious and spiritual beliefs, including self describe agnostics and atheists. We are each evolving, and I have found that regardless of dogma, most humans have a desire to explore the bigger questions in their lives, seek clarity, understanding and ultimately, self-compassion and peace.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Regression expands our every day consciousness, opening boundaries across mind/body, spirit/soul and time. It is one of many Pathways that may assist your life journey.

Hypnotherapy Overview

Hypnosis is a natural state of concentrated yet relaxed awareness in which attention is focused inward and the willingness to accept suggestions is enhanced. It is not sleep or unconsciousness. You remain in control and can choose to move out of hypnosis at any time. However, just like choosing to become immersed in an interesting movie or book, in hypnosis, you choose to focus on your inner experience and the guidance of the hypnotherapist in order to empower or facilitate accessing desired information or change. It is truly a cooperative effort!

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy provide helpful gateways and opportunities to communicate with the vast stores of the Subconscious Mind. The Subconscious is considered to be the seat of emotions, (some say) imagination, memory, habits, instinct and the regulator of our autonomic body functions. The Conscious Mind is most often our typical, everyday operating state in which we tend to live, think, study, rationalize, judge and analyze. The conscious mind is engaged as you read and consider these words.

Another facet of the Subconscious is as a pathway, providing access to the Super-Conscious, High Self, Transpersonal Self or Wise Self…. any of these descriptors may be used. This is an innate part of our human self, most often experienced as a “Wise Counselor” whose compassionate and kind perspective is especially important in the healing process and Soul Unfoldment.

Humans appear hardwired to experience ordinary and non-ordinary states of awareness. We have all experienced them. Examples include daydreaming, so engrossed in a movie you lose track of time or suddenly jump in surprise, the dreamy state between wakefulness and sleep and between sleep and wakefulness; driving home on “autopilot” or engaged in some relaxation or some meditative techniques. In each of these examples, there are a number of physiological and measurable changes, including a slowing and quieting of the brain waves in order for us to access a different state of awareness.

What distinguishes hypnotherapy is that it involves a deliberate choice to enter this state of consciousness for a particular goal: to focus your concentration and use suggestion to promote change in some way. It can be done in person with a hypnotherapist or you can do it yourself (this is called self-hypnosis). Since all hypnosis is ultimately consensual, all hypnosis in essence is really, self-hypnosis. I find about 85% of clients are successful in achieving some level of hypnosis in their first session. Hypnotic trance can be learned and practice in methods such as physical relaxation, meditation and self hypnosis make nearly every person, eventually successful in the trance experience.

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

In my Psychotherapy practice, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy practices and “trance” may be woven into our sessions as need arises, and as client is comfortable. When used intuitively within a session, we may invite in wise personal or ancestral resources to support each client in the most beneficial of ways. Issues that may be aided through this pathway may be unresolved grief, self worth struggles, life and death transitions and others.

In therapy sessions, we might also briefly explore the “root” of a specific issue prior to discussing the benefit of scheduling a specific longer session to address this. When utilized in this way, I most often facilitate the journey via guided imagery, relaxation or other methods.

Transpersonal Hypnotic Soul Guided Sessions and Spiritual Regression Sessions are by design extended appointments (always scheduled in advance).

The expansive time frame supported by special hypnotic techniques, guides the client to dive deeply into the trance experience with focus on specific healing experiences.

Transpersonal Hypnotic Soul Guided Process and Client Experience

Each session begins with a brief interview and exploration of your interests and hopes for the session. If this is your first Hypnosis session, we will discuss any concerns and the process we will use. There is a reminder that when we are accessing Transpersonal Resources, it is your own Wise Self, Guides or Teacher who chooses what will be revealed.

I utilize a variety of physical relaxation techniques, and guided imagery that quiet and relax the outer and inner mind. I may also utilize Energetic or Emotional/Somatic cues to direct you into the experience. More information is noted about these techniques in the Spiritual Regression portion of this page.

There are varying levels of hypnotic trance, and even though you “hear” every word I say, that is not a sign you are not “hypnotized.” I will guide you to a hypnotic level where you can access what is offered, and still be able to describe your experience so that I can guide and accompany you on your journey. I will also create a series of post hypnotic suggestions to aid you in remembering your experience.

To support post trance memory, it is deeply encouraged that you gift yourself with some time post session to reflect and journal. As you write, you will discover additional information and details arising from your experience.

Client’s experience varies. For some, all senses feel involved in the journey and it is deeply physical, and at times cathartic. For others, images, felt senses, sounds are more like a movie they watch from afar, or a series of flashes of events. We are each a bit different in our experience.

Effectiveness of session does not depend on strength or weakness of physical connection. If you access information that is physically painful or overwhelming, I have many techniques to allow you to gather the most beneficial information without feeling lost in the painfulness of it.

Session Offerings:

Transpersonal~Soul Guided Hypnotherapy

Soul Guided Hypnotic Sessions focus on enhancing connection with your own spiritual resources. You may identify these as your High Self, Over Soul, or Spiritual Guides or Loving Ancestors.

I will guide you toward connection and information to re-awaken relationship with your Wise Resources and you may request specific guidance to support healing and growth in your life.

Encouragement is always directed to empower and strengthen personal connection with your own Transpersonal Self, while also honoring this human embodiment.

These sessions can support understanding and resolve of issues such as grief, life choices and transitions.

When you schedule, I will provide you some pre-session preparation suggestions to deepen this journey.

Session Length: 80-90 Minutes.

This modality is often a beneficial first step to support your journey into other Transpersonal Hypnotherapy modalities, or as a pathway into continued evolution of your own spiritual practices.

Spiritual Regression

Accessing Past Life memory information and/or connecting with the expanded consciousness of a Life Between Lives experience can provide clarity; stimulate healing, compassion and guidance for our lives and Soul Evolution.

I offer various modalities of Spiritual Regression to support a variety of needs and healing focus.

Please Call for a Complimentary Consultation to Explore which Spiritual Regression Model might be of most Benefit for You.

Three Different Possibilities Are Listed Below:

Past Life Soul Regression (PLSR)
Past Life Soul Regression is a Transpersonal Hypnotherapy regression technique that guides you to explore one or more of your soul’s incarnations. It is an illuminating experience that can uncover root causes of current issues in your life and lead to insight and healing.

The hypnotic trance directs you to connect to a particular past life that is affecting life today. We may also use other or additional methods to focus that direction. These might include noting strong emotions, thoughts, physical pain or sensations, which have been challenging for you to understand or change.

When you embody the life you are led into, I will guide you through specific important events in the past life and then to the last day of that life.

You move through that life’s death experience and to connection with a Spiritual Guide or Resource to help process the lessons and applications to be applied in this life. In the transformational process of Spiritual Regression, you are able to understand, what was left “undone,” release the residue of it, and meet with souls in that life for completion. This may include gaining understanding of Soul Contracts between your soul and theirs, and also gaining your own gifts and power back when you have owned the lessons of that life. Sometimes, you are able to recognize some of the souls in that life as holding a place in your current life.

PLSR sessions tend to address a specific issue or re-occurring pattern in this life. You provide the “content” of the journey, and as you describe, I guide you through the entire process. It is your own Spiritual Guide or High Self who determines the information that will be offered to you. A typical session lasts 2 – 2 ½ hours.

Between Lives Soul Regression (BLSR)
A BLSR focuses on the “bigger questions” such as the nature of your Soul’s evolution, life purpose and extensive soul contracts. Because a much deeper level of guided hypnotic trance is required for this session, I ask that you have first experienced a PLSR or had prior successful hypnotic experience prior to a BLSR session.

During a BLSR, you will be guided through the beginnings of this incarnation, into a brief view of a past life, death scene and then entry into the “Between Lives” spiritual state.

Although there are patterns of similarities in journeys into the Afterlife, each one is original and directly guided by your own Spiritual Guides/High Self.

You may receive messages, guidance, reminders of your soul/life purpose, why you chose to incarnate into the particular body and life you are leading today as well as the overall direction of your evolution as a Soul.

You may recognize or discover members of your soul family who have influenced you in this life. There is also an opportunity to ask specific questions of your Spiritual Resources, sometimes described as “Council of Elders.” As the journey progresses, most clients also experience information related to the life goals for this current life, including choice of parents, body, challenges and gifts. In exploring this state you will find it to be a profound place of love, harmony, compassion and wisdom. A typical session lasts 3 ½ to 4 hours.

Preparing for a BLSR:
In addition to “Regression Guidelines” noted below, for your BLSR Session, please bring the following written materials with you:

“A Cast of Characters”
A list of 5-10 names of individuals that are/have been important to you in this life (may be in “Positive or Negative” ways); Living or deceased, their relationship to you and in a few words describing their personality. (Ex. “John,” high school sweetheart, kind, funny, deceased.).

Up to 5 Questions You Wish to Ask of Your Spiritual Resources, during the BLSR Journey.

Spiritual Regression Guidelines

Spiritual Regression is an effective method for resolving current life issues by discovering the root and true source of these issue or blocks One way I can assist you in finding the originating event or memory is by following the distressing symptoms you are experiencing.

The memories uncovered can be viewed as stories or metaphors your Wise Resources brings forward to help you understand the cause of what confines you. I guide you in gaining a new perspective and understanding of these events and empower you to transform these issues permanently.

To guide this process and develop an objective for your session, I ask you to pay attention to the main issue in your life and identify the strong emotions, thoughts, beliefs or physical symptoms that seem related to that issue. Note the strength/intensity of the emotions, thoughts and physical symptoms and also what in your life would be different if it were gone. These measurable beginnings become a way for you to track your own goals.

In your session, we may use either guided hypnotic methods or your own tracking to move you into the root of what is most helpful for you to understand.

Most often, I find clients move into a past life or lives that still hold some unfinished work that is needed to be released before moving out of these stuck patterns. Sometimes the movement is toward the current life or a combination of both.

For strongly held issues or blocks, three to four sessions may be helpful to eliminate the symptom. But everyone is different and I have seen clients remarkably clear and discover relief and healing after just one session.

Depending upon our appointment time, it is suggested that you do eat a nourishing meal prior to our session and limit use of stimulants: coffee, black or green teas, sodas. I do have water available in the office. For your comfort, it is also suggested that your wear comfortable clothes (you will be lying on a couch for our session), and limit liquid intake prior to our appointment.

Please do not use alcohol, smoke/imbibe medicinal herbs or use sacred medicines for at least 48 hours prior to and after our session. These substances can easily interfere with the trance experience, journey recall and impact the clarity of the information that may be experienced. Please ask before hand if you have any questions about this.

If at all possible after our session, I highly recommend you gift your self with quiet time to reflect and journal about the information that arose from your regression experience.

I also request that you limit jewelry around neck, wrists and hands. It can sometimes interfere with accessing emotional and energetic residues that are needing clearing within the regression process.

Feel free to contact me pre-session if you have any questions about the process or structure of these sessions. Also contact at least one day in advance if you need directions to the office. A reminder: these sessions are 100% guided by your own Spiritual Self, Guides and Teachers. While we can request certain information be provided, I can never guarantee what information will or will not be revealed to you in a session. I find the most helpful way to approach each session is from a state of “Curiosity,” and willingness to trust that is what is most beneficial for your evolution, will be revealed. Admittedly, this is sometimes or often different than what “we want,” or believe “we need.”

Due to the often highly personalized nature of the information that is offered during these sessions, please do not invite “others” into your appointment. Over many years, I have discovered that having another being in the room (no matter how supportive or loving), tends to limit the content of the information is provided. It will be your choice to share or not, the content of the session with significant others.

Additional Information and Session Fees

What is Past Life Soul Regression?
A useful tool to understand recurring themes in our lives. When we die, our soul may carry with it unfulfilled promises, unexpressed emotions, beliefs attitudes, ailments, unresolved issues that can be brought into this lifetime to continue to work through and resolve. By exploring these issues in a past life regression, we can integrate new information and understanding into our current lifetime, resolve destructive patterns, and let go of what is no longer of benefit for us to carry. People are different in their experience of past lives…. some relive the life fully using a variety of their senses, while others may simply see snapshots or images like a movie.

Must I Believe in Past Lives or Reincarnation for This to be Helpful?
“No.” Some feel the memories are just metaphors for the conscious mind to make sense of; others believe the recall is very real. Healing can occur in either case. The images/experiences are legitimate expressions of your subconscious mind, or inner being and can greatly increase the quality of your life. You can use the information, in your own way, to heal and incorporate into your current life experience.

What is Between Lives Soul Regression?
Dr. Michael Newton, one of the pioneers in this field, accidently stumbled onto a method that could access people’s Life Between Lives Experiences. What he found is that clients (no matter what their religious or spiritual perspective) consistently described a very specific place of peace, compassion, unconditional love, joy and (often) humor. The soul goes there after each life to rejoin with its eternal spiritual Over Soul, to rest, study and plan the next incarnation. Exploring the spirit world between lives is like opening the doors to the library of the soul’s eternal memories.

What if I Cannot Enter Trance or the Spiritual Regression Process Doesn’t Work for Me?
Once you have scheduled and completed payment for your appointment, that time is dedicated to you. We may use what session time remains to address potential reasons why the journey was not as you had wished, explore other modalities that may help enhance connection with your spiritual resources, or introduce you to practices or other directions that can still enhance your life journey. When this “failure” has occurred, clients have shared that remaining in-session to explore what can be learned in other ways was still very beneficial to them.

Will I Remember the Session?
Even though there will be times when your conscious mind wanders during regression, just like everyday trance states such as day dreaming, the subconscious and transpersonal consciousness is always paying attention. Similar to dream recall, as you journal directly after a dream, you are able to initiate a recall of the salient aspects, including often a "download" of other information when needed. Spiritual Regression Recall works in a similar way. I will also provide a number of hypnotic suggestions throughout your session to reinforce remembering all the important details of the session.

Session Scheduling and Costs

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Regression Sessions Require an extended time commitment for Both therapist and client.

To ensure our scheduling availability is compatible and your choice for type of session is most beneficial; please contact me for a brief complimentary consultation prior to paying in advance for your session.

Willow Rose LPC CHT

541 461-5424
(Phone number accepts voicemail only. No texts)


Payment is available via Pay Pal Button below or a check mailed to my office, addressed to “Willow Rose”

With prior notice, we can also arrange Cash Payment.

(Note: I cannot accept credit or debit payments in office)

“No Show” to confirmed scheduled session or providing less than 48 hours of notice of cancellation to session will result in the following charges subtracted from your submitted payment:

For No Show or Late Cancel of PLSR: $50
For No Show or Late Cancel of BLSR: $100

In the case of late cancelation due to medical emergency or inclement weather, (either for you or this therapist) your payment can be applied as credit to a session rescheduled within 60 days.

If you have questions about these policies, contact me BEFORE submitting your payment.

Past Life Soul Regression and Spiritual Regression Sessions: :
2 – 2 ½ Hours: $225

Between Lives Soul Regression:
3 ½ - 4 Hours: $375

Soul Guided Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Session:
80-90 Minutes: $150

List of Teachers and Links

Reading or prior information is never required for a Spiritual Regression Session and sometimes previous exploration simply gets in the way of your personal experience. The most important state of awareness for this work is “curiosity.”

For those interested, I will list a number of elders in the field with whom I have studied and continue to learn. Provided below are names, website links and a few books they have authored. More information is available at individual websites.

Please contact me directly if you have questions about “Interplanetary Souls”


Linda Backman Ph.D.   www.ravenheartcenter.com
“Bringing Your Soul to Light,”  “The Evolving Soul.”
“Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives.”

Brian Weiss, M.D.   www.brianweiss.com
“Many Lives, Many Masters,”  “Through Time into Healing.”

Michael Newton, Ph.D.    www.newtoninstitute.org
“Journey of Souls,”  “Destiny of Souls.”

Andy Tomlinson www.regressionacademy.com
“Exploring the Eternal Soul,”  “Healing the Eternal Soul.”

Willow Rose LPC CHT is a 1994 graduate of the Heart-Spring Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Program in Seattle, Washington, and completed advanced courses in Hypnotic Regression from Randall Churchill at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in Corte Madera, California. Over the past 20 years, she has enhanced initial professional trainings via conferences, workshops and classes in Ericksonian Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Between Lives Soul Regression, and Hypnosis for Grief, Transpersonal Healing, Self Acceptance and Life Transitions. She has provided Hypnotherapy in Mental Health Clinics, a hospital, community college courses, staff presentations and her own private Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Practice. Willow Rose is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHT) through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE). She is a Certified Regression Therapist through the Hypnotherapy Training Institute, and Certified in Soul Regression through the International Between Lives Regression Network.

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